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How To

This page is to assist you on all FAQ

Complete A Tilte Transfer

To complete a title transfer you would need the California title or application for duplicate title (Reg 227)if title is lost. If title is lost and the vehicle is newer than a 2002 you would also need to use form Reg 262.

Remove Your Suspension Off Of Your Registration

The first step is to make sure that you have valid insurance. Second step is to pay the $14.00 reinstatement fee located HERE Third step is to fax or email us the proof of your insurance, your vehicle license plate number, and last 5 digits of your Vin# so we can get the suspension lifted off of your record. Fourth step is you will be contacted by us to be notified that the suspension has been lifted and you are ready to renew your registration.

Register A Out Of State Vehicle

To register a out of state vehicle you need 3 things. You need to have either the title or registration card, a current ( within 90 days ) passing smog check from California, and a vin verification which we prefrom here. If the vehicle is a truck you would also need to get a weight certificate. You would use form Reg 343 to complete the paperwork. If you turn in your out of state title you will in return receive a California title along with California registration. If you use a registration card to complete the transfer you will in return only get California registration. Note: When using a registration card to do a transfer the ownership information cannot change.

Register A Vehicle With No Record

You would first need to get a vin verification which we preform here.Then you would use form Reg 343 and form Reg 256 stating how, and when you received this vehicle. If it was a purchase you would also need form Reg 262 to show chain of ownership

Register A Salvage Certificate Vehicle

You need to get a vin verification to be preformed by either a DMV verifier or California Highway Patrol. Certain vehicle are to be verified by CHP only. You will also need an official brake and light inspection. If you have a commercial vehcicle you would need a weight certificate. You would then have to turn in your old tilte to do the transfer. If the title is lost you would use form Reg 227. You also need to complete forms Reg 343 and Reg 488C